Technology and Distraction

Tristan Harris, former design ethicist at Google, discusses at TED the interplay between technology, attention, and distraction. For additional discussion of this TED talk, see Alexandra Dempsey’s post on the Freedom blog. For additional discussion the significance of focus, the importance of guarding it, and a helpful tool to that end, see Focus—there’s an app for […]

Scheduling focus

The folks at Freedom have a helpful tutorial about “how to be more productive in the afternoon.” The same principles, though, will apply also to the mornings or whenever one’s preferred time is for focused work.   For additional discussion of Freedom, the significance of focus, and the importance of guarding it, see Focus—there’s an […]

Focus—there’s an app for that

For various reasons, focus can be difficult in a whole host of contexts—at work, at home, or during recreation. One contemporary culprit that can all too easily hamper efforts to “lose” oneself in the “play” of the real world are the digital devices and media with which some of us are constantly surrounded. As a […]

Toward not multitasking on the Dropbox blog

The Dropbox blog has a short essay on the downsides of trying to multitask. Rather than multitasking, deep and singular focus is just what the doctor ordered, but in our hyper-connected world, it isn’t always easy…. You could chuck all your gadgets and move to the woods, but luckily you don’t need to get that drastic. […]

Hyatt’s interview with Newport

Michael Hyatt recently interviewed Cal Newport, author of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World (Grand Central, 2016). According to Newport, Focus is now the lifeblood of this economy. Why? Because focus is rare and distraction abundant. As Hyatt comments, Even when we think we are focusing, we usually aren’t. When we work intensely […]

Free to focus—on sleep?

As part of Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus resource set, he’s made available three good ones that treat the significance for productivity of adequate, quality sleep: Interview with Shawn Stevenson (video) Unleash Nature’s Secret Weapon eBook (PDF) 13 Essential Keys to a Good Night’s Sleep (PDF) Shawn Stevenson’s core business certainly falls in an area where […]