Daily Gleanings: Focus (14 August 2019)

Evernote discusses four strategies for supporting your ability to focus on what’s most important. The post also provides some suggestions about how to handle days when longer stretches of uninterrupted time for focused work are harder to come by.

In a couple different places recently, I’ve come across favorable reviews of Focusmate (Becoming Better, Lead to Win).

As I understand it, Focusmate provides a virtual accountability system. Users are paired together in 50 minute sessions. They start by sharing what they’ll work on in the session and then otherwise simply work with their webcams on.

I haven’t tried this tool specifically, but for several months now, I have found great value in getting together with a very small group of others for accountability on projects that take focused work—be it writing, doing detailed analysis, preparing translation or whatever. Especially if you don’t readily have a group of folks who want to pool together to do something like this (e.g., if you’re an online student in a remote locale), Focusmate may be a useful tool for you to try to see if it helps when you come down to the hard work of whatever project you’re needing to complete.

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