Biblical scholarship is

When you think of play, you probably don't think of a biblical scholar.

But you should.

Play is fundamental to healthy, holistic biblical scholarship in all its facets.

Drop your name and email in the form, and I'll send along the following resources to help you make more out of the play that lies at the heart of biblical studies:

  • 3 full-text articles that detail the roles of play and presence in biblical studies teaching,
  • a biblical studies toolbox with 11 tools that can take work off your plate (or keep it from getting added),
  • 12 ideas for how you can optimize Logos for your research and other academic work,
  • a workbook to guide you through how you can make more time for what matters most,
  • a time budgeting guide to help you take control of your schedule and get more out of your days,
  • a sentence reading guide you can use to help English Bible readers become more aware of the exegetical details in their texts, and
  • a vacation planner to help you make the most of your next time away from the office, however long or short that might be.

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