Daily Gleanings: Freedom (22 July 2019)

Freedom interviews Brian Solis about digital distractions and overcoming them to improve your ability to focus. Solis comments, in part,

One big side effect of all this tech-based distraction is a compulsion to multitask. I was surprised to learn just how many negative aspects of multitasking there are.  First, let’s cut through one big illusion—it does not increase our productivity. It actually cuts it by about 40%.

It’s also been discovered that people who multitask do not pay attention, memorize, or manage their tasks as well as those who focus on one thing at a time.

A lot of us are realizing that we have a problem with tech-based distraction and we’re looking for easy techniques and solutions. While I’m all for hacks and techniques that help us focus, they’re not a complete fix. The real solution to our digital malaise involves reflection, spending time cutting through all the things we’re doing, the ineffective ways we’re spending our time, and getting back to our core values, life purpose and a vision of what, for each of us, is a definition of what happiness and success in a modern era looks like.

For more, see Freedom’s original post.

Freedom discusses the value of their tool’s “locked mode,” commenting in part,

Science shows again and again that people who experience less temptation better manage their self-control. Why? Because they aren’t hoping for super-human amounts of will power – they just don’t expose themselves to things that don’t match their goals. In other words, it’s much easier to stop eating cake if you don’t work in a bakery.

How do you limit the urge to scroll, like, and upvote your way through the day?

Enter Freedom’s Locked Mode – the superhero here to deliver you from temptation and help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.

For more, see Freedom’s original post.

For some time now, I’ve regularly used Freedom’s “locked mode” on each of my main work devices (Windows PC, Android Phone, Apple iPad). With some additional settings beyond “locked mode” itself, I’ve been able to make it necessary to reboot the PC twice in order to terminate a running Freedom session and get the machine back running again as usual. So, it’s possible to circumvent the system still but it’s enough of a pain to mean that it isn’t something I can do without conscious, deliberate decision.

For more information about Freedom or to try “locked mode” for yourself, see their website.

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