rollApp = OpenDocument Support for iOS

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rollApp (Image via CrunchBase)

For iOS users, rollApp has now graduated into public Beta and is offering iOS-compatible versions of (now Apache OpenOffice) and LibreOffice. The LibreOffice app seems to have a bit of difficulty opening files stored on Dropbox, but my own tests thus far with the app seem to have worked quite well. Although these apps run entirely on rollApp’s servers, and so require a fairly decent Internet connection to function, they do offer extended support for additional file formats (like ODT) not natively readable in iOS.


  1. I am so not satisfied with document production on the iPad. The only real solutions require network access, with no offline editing possibilities. That doesn’t work when you travel by plane, even with G3-4 capability; my iPad is wifi only. So far, I consider text editing the only viable option at this point. There are some nice text editors and one that even groks TeX syntax!

    1. I agree. Although apparently illegitimately, I was anticipating word processing to be a fairly basic and substantially supported area, but not so much. Glad to hear you’ve found
      the TeX option(s), though. That’s maybe at least a step in the right direction.

      1. Just a point of clarification: the iPad cannot compile TeX source. I’ve got a text editor with syntax highlighting. So I can edit TeX source, but no more.

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