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  • Technology and Distraction

    Tristan Harris, former design ethicist at Google, discusses at TED the interplay between technology, attention, and distraction. For additional discussion of this TED talk, see Alexandra Dempsey’s post on the Freedom blog. For additional discussion the significance of focus, the importance of guarding it, and a helpful tool to that end, see Focus—there’s an app for…

  • SBL annual meeting mobile apps

    The SBL annual meeting mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS. In each case, after the app installed, I opened it and started looking around for a minute or so before the app pulled in the current conference program version.

  • Full-height Footnote Numbers in Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word ties footnote anchors in the main text and footnote numbers at the start of footnotes to the same style. Consequently, it’s difficult to get full-height footnote numbers followed by a period (cf. Chicago Manual of Style, SBL Handbook of style). The process for getting this result discussed at Word MVPs does not seem…

  • Why Searching Shouldn’t Replace Reading

    As a prefatory note to this post, I’ve noted before my very great appreciation for what Faithlife does through its Logos Bible Software platform. I’ve been using Logos to some extent since the early “Libronix” versions and more so for about the past 8 years. One of the feature’s I’ve appreciated about the software is the…

  • Lexham Updates

    The Lexham Theological Wordbook began shipping late last year and includes my entry on “Forgiveness.” The Lexham Bible Dictionary has recently been updated with, among other items, my entries on “Haifa” and “Jenin.” Connections can read these contributions via my LinkedIn page under “Publications.”

  • "Search Everything" in Logos

    The Logos YouTube channel has a helpful quick tutorial illustrating the “Search Everything” feature in v6: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENbvrPyamBA]