Porter, "Early Apocryphal Non-Gospel Literature"

Stanley Porter has the latest article in the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, “Early Apocryphal Non-Gospel Literature and the New Testament Text.” Porter concludes:

There are several observations to make regarding the text of the Greek New Testament in the apocryphal non-Gospel literature. (1) The evidence for the Greek New Testament in the apocryphal non-Gospel literature is not as great as one might expect, and this includes the apocryphal Acts, Epistles (for which there is no text early enough or in Greek for consideration) and Apocalypses. . . . (2) The Acts and apocalyptic apocryphal literature is relatively sparse in its use of the Greek New Testament, and is virtually nothing compared to that of the apocryphal Gospels. . . . (3) The evidence from the apocryphal non-Gospel literature is the same as that for the apocryphal Gospels—in other words, that the text of the Greek New Testament was relatively well established and fixed by the time of the second and third centuries. (197–98)

For the full article in PDF format, please see here.

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