1. Brilliant! Thank you so very much for posting this. I couldn’t see the special herein Australia! I now know what I will be doing during my lunch break today. 🙂

  2. im uncomfortable with the posting of these video segments. has natgeo granted permission for their use and distribution? if not, is it legal, and more importantly, is it ethical, for us to be sharing them?

      1. I had been looking forward to using them in class this semester too, but that might need to take a bit different shape now, depending on whether I can get a hold of the DVD before that part of the semester rolls around. Incidentally, I wonder whether National Geographic may, at some point, make the special available on their Hulu channel. Perhaps not, but it might be something worth keeping an eye on at least.

    1. Oh, goodness. Good call. Honestly, in constructing this post, as distinct from series of episodes or specials, the marketing of an individual episode or special had not even particularly arisen as a possibility. Whatever may be their statistically normative practice overall, however, National Geographic is marketing this special individually. Therefore, as per the “Fair Use Doctrine,” I have made the appropriate adjustments above to point folks to National Geographic’s relevant product page, and I have also notified National Geographic about the relevant YouTube clips so that they can pursue with YouTube whatever resolution that they think most appropriate. Thanks, again.

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