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  • Confused or Intrigued with Second Temple Hermeneutics?

    Confused or Intrigued with Second Temple Hermeneutics?

    “Sacred Texts and Paradigmatic Revolutions” illustrates how modern readers can work to recover Second Temple interpretive contexts.

  • Daily Gleanings: Community Rule (31 December 2019)

    Sarianna Metso’s edition of the Community Rule addresses all surviving witnesses for the Rule and includes a critical apparatus.

  • UC Classics podcast

    The University of Cincinnati’s Department of Classics has a podcast with several noteworthy episodes, including an interview with Jodi Magness and a whole series on Qumran and Judean Desert texts. HT: AWOL

  • The chemistry of studying the Dead Sea Scrolls

    This Decoded Science article has an interesting treatment of some of the chemical elements of the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, particularly the Copper Scroll. The article’s conclusion provides the reminder that Archaeology allows us to look into the past. However, in order for scientists to properly examine and maintain artifacts, it’s necessary to…

  • Video of the opening of the Copper Scroll

    Peter Gurry has recently shared the video recording provided via the Leverhulme Project of the Copper Scroll’s opening.

  • Qumran Cave 12: Update 3

    Discussion of the recent Qumran-vicinity cave finds since the previous post tracking the story here includes: Ami Magazine (HT: Lawrence Schiffman): Information about the new cave find with a fuller discussion of matters related to earlier Qumran-vicinity finds. In the cave’s apparently blank parchment fragment, Schiffman also suggests we find evidence for how demonstrably later forgeries could…