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Dead Sea Scrolls Today
James VanderKam

A revised edition of James VanderKam’s excellent introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls is making its way to retailers. This new edition “retains the format, style, and aims of the first edition, and the same wider audience is envisaged” (xii). Consequently, this edition includes five primary categories of changes (xii–xiii):

  1. Updates to VanderKam’s 1994 first edition that account for developments in scrolls publication and research over the past 16 years,
  2. More extensive chapter bibliographies,
  3. An added section about the scrolls’ witness to other Second Temple Judaisms,
  4. Numerous rephrasings of the text, and
  5. Revised quotations of the scrolls to reflect Vermes’s Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English (5th ed).

According to Eerdmans,

The premier Dead Sea Scrolls guidebook for general readers ever since its original publication in 1994, James VanderKam’s Dead Sea Scrolls Today won the Biblical Archaeology Society’s Publication Award in 1995 for the Best Popular Book on Biblical Archaeology. In this expanded and updated edition the book will continue to illuminate the greatest archaeological find in modern times.

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James VanderKam
James VanderKam
Dead Sea Scrolls Today
James VanderKam

Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English
Geza Vermes

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