Daily Gleanings (16 August 2019)

Michael Hyatt and Megan Miller discuss how to “avoid investing in the wrong people.” Much of the discussion revolves around the basic premise of how humans are limited creatures, so it’s advisable to consider carefully where you put your time and energy.

The discussion may be especially valuable for students who are involved in people-centered vocations outside the academy (e.g., full-time church work) or faculty who sometimes struggle with whether and how much extra to invest in which students.

Roger Pearse discusses some hunting he’s done for John the Deacon’s Life of St. Nicholas. Pearse comments,

When using Google, it really helps if you have the BHL (Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina) number for the text that you are interested in.

For the details of Pearse’s search, see his original post.

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