Themelios 35.3

The latest issue of Themelios includes the following:

  • D. A. Carson, “Editorial: Contrarian Reflections on Individualism”
  • Carl Trueman, “Minority Report: Terrible Beauty, Beauty, and the Plain Terrible”
  • Daniel Estes, “Fiction and Truth in the Old Testament Wisdom Literature”
  • Daniel Brendsel, “Plots, Themes, and Responsibilities: The Search for a Center of Biblical Theology Reexamined”
  • Stephen Garrett, “The Dazzling Darkness of God’s Triune Love: Introducing Evangelicals to the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar”
  • Philip Graham Ryken, “Pastoral Pensées A World Servant in Christian Liberal Arts Education”

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2 responses to “Themelios 35.3”

  1. Matthew Crowe Avatar

    Thanks for the link, David. I wasn’t aware this was a free publication!

    1. David Stark Avatar

      You’re quite welcome. Free is good! 🙂

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