Tag: Greco-Roman Backgrounds

  • Aristotle's Organon on LibriVox

    Using Owen’s translation, LibriVox recordings have also been made available for Categories, Interpretation, Prior Analytics, and Posterior Analytics.

  • On the Web (October 19, 2012)

    On the web: Jim Davila and Hershel Shanks, among others, pay tribute to the fallen titan, Frank Moore Cross. Michael Bird joins Joel Watts in reflecting on Justin Martyr, Xenophon, and the Gospels. The Cornell University Library has a collection of Eleusinian inscription images available (HT: Charles Jones).

  • On the Web (October 17, 2012)

    On the web: Charles Jones notes the open-access availability of some of the Journal of Roman Studies. Brian LePort completes a two-part reflective digest of Amy-Jill Levine’s recent San Antonio lectures on Jewish-Christian relations (part 1, part 2).

  • The Imaging Papyri Project

    The Oxford University Classics Faculty’s PINAX “is a digital library comprised of collections of displayed papyrus images and texts at Oxford.” Texts include papyri from Antinoopolis, Herculaneum, and Oxyrhynchus, as well as magical texts (HT: Charles Jones).

  • Carrier, "Thallus and the Darkness at Christ's Death"

    In the latest contribution to the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, Richard Carrier discusses “Thallus and the Darkness at Christ’s Death”: It is commonly claimed that a chronologer named Thallus, writing shortly after 52 CE, mentioned the crucifixion of Jesus and the noontime darkness surrounding it (which reportedly eclipsed the whole world for three…

  • New Testament Studies 58, no. 4

    The latest issue of New Testament Studies includes: Markus Lau, “Geweißte Grabmäler. Motivkritische Anmerkungen zu Mt 23.27–28” Matthias Adrian, “Der Blick durch die enge Tür: Lk 13.22–30 im architekturgeschichtlichen Kontext der städtischen domus” Jonathan Bourgel, “Les récits synoptiques de la Passion préservent-ils une couche narrative composée à la veille de la Grande Révolte Juive?” George…