Tag: Greco-Roman Backgrounds

  • Daily Gleanings: Inscriptions (26 November 2019)

    The Computerized Historical Linguistic Database of the Latin Inscriptions of the Imperial Age is producing a database of Latin inscriptions.

  • Daily Gleanings: CSC Plenaries (5 August 2019)

    Daily Gleanings from the 2019 Christian Scholars’ Conference plenaries on child rearing in the Greco-Roman world and the Christology of the Greek fathers.

  • Myers on Morgan, “Roman faith and Christian faith”

    The Review of Biblical Literature contains Jason Myers’s helpful and appreciative review of Teresa Morgan’s Roman Faith and Christian Faith: Pistis and Fides in the Early Roman Empire and Early Churches (OUP, 2015).

  • Thesis-style Numistmatism Wanted

    From AWOL: The American Numismatic Society has created an Open Access digital library. One purpose is to host unpublished and/or orphaned MA and PhD theses/dissertations that have numismatic content. As a part of this library your thesis will be Open Access, full-text searchable, and http://schema.org properties will help Google relevance. If you (or someone you…

  • Un-Bock-sing the Importance of Backgrounds

    The Logos blog has a couple minute and slightly humorous segment from Darrell Bock on the importance of background information for New Testament Studies.

  • The Perseus Catalog 1.0

    According to the Perseus Digital Library at Tufts University: The Perseus Digital Library is pleased to announce the 1.0 Release of the Perseus Catalog. The Perseus Catalog is an attempt to provide systematic catalog access to at least one online edition of every major Greek and Latin author (both surviving and fragmentary) from antiquity to 600 CE. Still…