Tag: Faithlife

  • Daily Gleanings: Free Books (25 November 2019)

    This week is the last chance to grab the Faithlife platforms’ free and deeply discounted volumes this month. All three have resources of interest here.

  • Didaktikos 1

    Faithlife has launched a new journal specifically for faculty, Didaktikos, which focuses on issues related to theological education. The primary editor is Douglas Estes, and the editorial board includes Karen Jobes, Randolph Richards, Beth Stovell, and Douglas Sweeney. The inaugural issue includes authors and topics of broad interest: • Mark Noll talks about teaching with expertise…

  • Garland, “Mark”

    The free book of the month from Logos Bible Software is David Garland’s commentary on Mark in the NIV Application Commentary series. The NIVAC series takes as its point of departure the observation that most Bible commentaries take us on a one-way trip from the twentieth century to the first century. But they leave us…

  • Free and Trial Biblical Studies Tools

    Mark Hoffman has updated his previous list of “free Bible software and trial versions” to include some of the more recent additions in the space, as well as a number of online resources. For further discussion, see also Trial versions of Biblical Studies software, Logos 7 academic basic, and Logos 7 Basic for free.

  • Getting started with Logos 7

    Logos Bible Software has provided a helpful current webinar about how to get started with Logos 7. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7RZa88Dneo]

  • Reviving closed tabs in Logos

    As of v. 7.8, Logos Bible Software supports reopening closed tabs both via panel menus and keyboard shortcuts (PC: Ctrl + Shift + T, Mac: Cmd + Shift + T). Conveniently at least for PC users—and I suspect also for Mac (?), the keyboard shortcut is the same one that will revive tabs in major…