On the Web (September 22, 2011)

On the web:

  • Peter Williams picks up Alin Suciu’s story about the British Library’s Coptic leaf that corresponds to the text of Jer. 21:14–22:20 (LXX).
  • Charles Jones notes the Latin texts and database that the Packard Humanities Institute has newly made available.
  • Michael Bird includes about a 47-minute lecture of N. T. Wright “giv[ing] a C. S. Lewis-style apologetic of a Christian society filled with good Christians as being one of the best apologetics there are.”
  • Daniel Streett compares Greek curriculum requirements for MDiv students with modern language requirements for area majors at two other sample institutions.
  • Today sees the release of Seth Ehorn’s Philemon commentary in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series.

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