On the Web (September 1, 2011)

On the web:

  • Google Docs can now display page numbers in documents themselves and not just on a printed or PDF copy.
  • Google Chrome Frame now has a beta version that does not require administrative privileges to install.
  • The third edition of Emmanuel Tov’s Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible should be available around November 1 (HT: Peter Williams).
  • Ben Witherington’s Is There a Doctor in the House? is apparently now available on Kindle (HT: Mark Stevens), although the printed text from Amazon is still forthcoming.
  • Steve Caruso continues discussing the Jordanian lead codices.
  • Zotero releases some significant updates to their 3.0 beta.
  • Peter Head reports that the Green Collection at Bethel University has acquired a new 1 Corinthians manuscript in addition to the Hebrews manuscript that had already been announced.
  • Logos Bible Software adds The Babylonian Talmud: Original Text, Edited, Corrected, Formulated and Translated into English (19 vols.) to their community pricing program.

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