On the Web (December 22, 2011)

On the web:

  • John Byron passes along some advice for seminary from a graduating seminarian.
  • N. T. Wright reviews Benedict, Casey, and Fisk’s recent works on Jesus (HT: Michael Bird).
  • Dove Booksellers has available, as of this writing, 133 volumes from Richard Longenecker’s library (HT: Michael Bird).
  • Dirk Jongkind comments on Vaticanus’s regular preference for reading “Christ Jesus” rather than “Jesus Christ” in the Pauline letters.
  • Google Books now supports offline reading in Google Chrome.
  • Logos Bible Software adds online resource previews.
  • Robert Woods reflects on Hugh of St. Victor’s Didascalicon.
  • ARTStor makes images of Dura-Europos documents available online (HT: Jim Davila).
  • Marc Cortez reflects on Augustine’s comments on “monsters.”
  • Joseph Kelly digests the Hebrew Bible’s references to “extra-biblical literary sources.”
  • Mark Goodacre discusses the Protevangelium of James.

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