Now on Logos Pre-pub: Eerdmans Biblical Resources Series

Through its pre-publication program, Logos Bible Software is now offering the fourteen-volume Eerdmans Biblical Resources Series. Series titles include:

  • Adele Berlin, The Dynamics of Biblical Parallelism
  • Richard Burridge, What Are the Gospels
  • John Collins, The Apocalyptic Imagination
  • John Collins, Between Athens and Jerusalem
  • Frank Moore Cross, Studies in Ancient Yahwistic Poetry
  • Joseph Fitzmyer, To Advance the Gospel
  • Hermann Gunkel, Creation and Chaos in the Primeval Era and the Eschaton
  • Richard Hays, The Faith of Jesus Christ
  • Colin Hemer, The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia
  • Anthony Saldarini, Pharisees, Scribes, and Sadducees in Palestinian Society
  • Anthony Saldarini, The Semitic Background of the New Testament (vols. 1–2)
  • Mark Smith, The Early History of God
  • Samuel Terrien, Till the Heart Sings

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