New Testament Studies 57.3

New Testament Studies
New Testament Studies

The latest issue of New Testament Studies includes:

  • Simon Joseph, “‘Blessed is Whoever is Not Offended by Me’: The Subversive Appropriation of (Royal) Messianic Ideology in Q 3–7”
  • Douglas Campbell, “Galatians 5.11: Evidence of an Early Law-observant Mission by Paul?”
  • Stefan Nordgaard, “Paul’s Appropriation of Philo’s Theory of ‘Two Men’ in 1 Corinthians 15.45–49”
  • Christine Gerber, “Leben allein aus Gnade. Eph 2.1-10 und die paulinische Rechtfertigungsbotschaft”
  • Peter Arzt-Grabner, “Gott als verlässlicher Käufer: Einige Papyrologische Anmerkungen und bibeltheologische Schlussfolgerungen zum Gottesbild der Paulusbriefe”
  • Michael Martin and Jason Whitlark, “The Encomiastic Topics of Syncrisis as the Key to the Structure and Argument of Hebrews”
  • Paul Trebilco, “Why Did the Early Christians Call Themselves ?”

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