New Testament Studies 58, no. 2

New Testament Studies
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The latest issue of New Testament Studies includes:
  • Armand Puig i Tàrrech, “The Glory on the Mountain: The Episode of the Transfiguration of Jesus”
  • Richard Last, “Communities That Write: Christ-Groups, Associations, and Gospel Communities”
  • Candida R. Moss and Joel S. Baden, “1 Thessalonians 4.13–18 in Rabbinic Perspective”
  • Margaret M. Mitchell, “Peter’s ‘Hypocrisy’ and Paul’s: Two ‘Hypocrites’ at the Foundation of Earliest Christianity?”
  • Rikard Roitto, “Practices of Confession, Intercession, and Forgiveness in 1 John 1.9; 5.16”
  • Michael J. Kruger, “The Date and Content of P. Antinoopolis 12 (0232)”

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