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Logos Bible Software Logos Bible Software now has a Herman Ridderbos Collection available for order on their pre-publication program and a John Huss Collection open for bidding on their community pricing program. According to the respective product pages:

Herman Ridderbos Collection

Herman Ridderbos is considered one of the twentieth century’s most influential New Testament theologians. His works emphasized Heilsgeschichte, the progressive history of God’s saving acts, which views Jesus Christ as central in redemption. Ridderbos’ redemptive-historical approach to the Scriptures catapulted a new wave in New Testament study, furthering our understanding of Pauline and biblical theology.

John Huss Collection

John Huss (also known as Jan Hus or John Hus): Bohemian priest, reformer, and martyr. Influenced by the teachings of Wycliffe and supported by fellow theologians at the University of Prague, Huss was an early advocate of church reform. He preached Wycliffe’s ideas, championing doctrines such as justification by grace through faith alone, full communion for laypeople, and adoption of the liturgy to the common language of the people. A precursor to the Reformation of the sixteenth century, Huss is perhaps best represented in an early Moravian hymnbook picture showing Wycliffe seizing a torch, Huss lighting it, and Luther holding it on high.

The John Huss Collection contains seven volumes dedicated to the life and work of John Huss and the impact he had on Christendom. The Letters of Jon Hus contains 82 annotated letters by Huss, including letters written just before his execution in 1415. The Church is considered his most important work; from its pages the charges were drawn upon which he was pronounced a heretic at the Council of Constance.

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