May 2011 Biblioblog Review and Top Student Biblioblogs

Joel Watts has up May’s “unsettled” biblioblog carnival, and last month, Joel Watts et al. unseated Jim West in the Alexa biblioblog ranking. Among this past months top 50 biblioblogs by Alexa rank, the top 10 student biblioblogs are:

Student Overall Author(s) Blog Alexa
1 1 Joel L. Watts et al. Unsettled Christianity 67111
2 13 Thomas Verenna Musings of Thomas Verenna, The 284452
3 14 Brian LePort et al. Near Emmaus: Christ and Text 327445
4 23 Rodney A. Thomas, Chad Pressley, Amanda Mac Political Jesus 453965
5 26 Mitchell Powell Font Words 553798
6 31 Brandon Wason Sitz im Leben 628095
7 33 Daniel O. McClellan Maklelan 656252
8 39 Gavin Rumney Otagosh 703430
9 44 Pat McCullough Kata ta biblia 807736
10 49 Phillip Long Reading Acts 900502

May’s top 10 biblioblogs by vote are still forthcoming. As always, updates and corrections for the student list are welcome, particularly for those who may have recently matriculated or graduated.

Update (6/7/2011): Results are in, and the top student biblioblogs by vote for May 2011 are:

Student Overall Author(s) Blog
1 3 Daniel McClellan Daniel O. McClellan
2 4 Joel Watts et al. Unsettled Christianity
3 8 Stephen Douglas Undeception
4 9 Amanda Mac Cheese-Wearing Theology

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