Matthew D. Larsen’s NT Studies Blog

New to the biblioblogosphere this week is Matthew D. Larsen’s NT Studies Blog. Matthew is a graduate student in Jewish Studies, and some of his major, academic interests include studying the synoptics, the historical Jesus, and early Jewish-Christian relations with, according to the blog’s subtitle, a blend of “Narrative, Rhetorical, and Historical” criticism. In his inaugural post series, Matthew is discussing Jesus’ relationship to women against the backdrop of several different corpora of Jewish literature.

HT: Mike Whitenton

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2 responses to “Matthew D. Larsen’s NT Studies Blog”

  1. matthewdavidlarsen Avatar


    Thanks for the plug. I am indeed hopeful that this will be as rewarding an experience as you have indicated. Cheers!


    1. David Stark Avatar

      Glad to do it. Thanks for the engaging post. I’ll be very interested to see the future installments, and I’ve got you in the blogroll here as well.

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