Tag: Blog Notices

  • On the Web (February 7, 2013)

    On the web: Larry Hurtado comments on Alan Mugridge’s PhD thesis, “Stages of Development in Scribal Professionalism in Early Christian Circles,” which is currently under revision for publication. Nathan Eubank enters the biblioblogosphere (HT: Stephen Carlson). Baker is now releasing the “Teach the Text” commentary series. Currently available is Marvin Pate’s volume on Romans, and Robert…

  • Baker Academic Enters the Blogosphere

    Apparently, Baker Academic has now entered the blogosphere (HT: The Jesus Blog). Besides the initial announcement, the blog is kicking off with an interview with Craig Keener about his Miracles (2011).

  • Michael Kruger Is Blogging

    Apparently, Michael Kruger, Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, is now blogging at Canon Fodder and tweeting @michaeljkruger (HT: Lane Keister).

  • Lawson, The Expository Genius of John Calvin

    Brian LePort notes the availability, as an Amazonian “Deal of the Day,” of a free Kindle edition of Steven Lawson’s Expository Genius of John Calvin (Reformed Trust, 2007).

  • Blog (Revival) Notice: Beginning with Moses

    Beginning with Moses has been substantially refreshed, and the site is scheduled to have regular updates begin again on September 1. If you like, you can also follow Beginning with Moses on Twitter and Facebook. The Biblical Theology Briefings have carried over from the old site, and the site’s principal editor, Mark Owens, invites fresh…

  • Blog Notice: Biblical Exegesis and Interpretation

    Formerly of Berit Hadasah, James Tucker is now blogging at Biblical Exegesis and Interpretation with an “expand[ed set of] blogging interests.” For at least a representative list of these interests, see here.