Journal of Theological Studies 62.2

The latest issue of the Journal of Theological Studies includes:

  • Anselm C. Hagedorn, “When Did Zephaniah Become a Supporter of Josiah’s Reform?”
  • Markus Bockmuehl, “The Son of David and his Mother”
  • Brian J. Wright and Tim Ricchuiti, “From ‘God’ (ΘΕΟΣ) to ‘God’ (ΝΟΥΤΕ): A New Discussion and Proposal Regarding John 1:1C and the Sahidic Coptic Version of the New Testament”
  • James P. Ware, “Law, Christ, and Covenant: Paul’s Theology of the Law in Romans 3:19–20”
  • Bradly S. Billings, “From House Church to Tenement Church: Domestic Space and the Development of Early Urban Christianity—The Example of Ephesus”
  • Stephen J. Shoemaker, “Mary at the Cross, East and West: Maternal Compassion and Affective Piety in the Earliest Life of the Virgin and the High Middle Ages”
  • T. L. Holtzen, “Sacramental Causality in Hooker’s Eucharistic Theology”

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