Journal of Theological Studies 63, no. 1

The Journal of Theological Studies
The Journal of Theological Studies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The latest issue of the Journal of Theological Studies includes:

  • Joanna Collicutt, “Bringing the Academic Discipline of Psychology to Bear on the Study of the Bible”
  • Charlotte Hempel, “Who Is Making Dinner at Qumran?”
  • Jonathan Knight, “The Origin and Significance of the Angelomorphic Christology in the Ascension of Isaiah”
  • Suzanne Watts Henderson, “Discipleship after the Resurrection: Scribal Hermeneutics in the Longer Ending of Mark”
  • P. Lorraine Buck, “Voluntary Martyrdom Revisited”
  • Geoffrey D. Dunn, “Innocent I’s Letter to Lawrence: Photinians, Bonosians, and the Defensores Ecclesiae”
  • Markus Vinzent, “Questions on the Attributes (of God): Four Rediscovered Parisian Questions of Meister Eckhart”
  • Andrew Ter Ern Loke, “Sanday’s Christology Revisited”

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