It’s Here, Albeit in Beta

Earlier this morning, Logos Bible Software announced the release of the beta version of To all visitors, offers access to slightly more than forty resources, including various Bible translations and a few more dated Greek New Testament texts. Free registration at allows users to access still other resources.

What looks to be the real beauty of, however, is how it integrates with the Logos platform to allow Logos users online access to their own personal, Logos libraries, as in the following example where is opened to both Romans 1 and (Cairo) Damascus Document 1 from my Logos library: Sample
For Logos 4 users, this integration will even allow synchronization of the “last read” positions in their resources.

I had been wondering for a while when we would start seeing some more substantive, web-resource integration from the major software platforms currently used for academic work in biblical studies, and it looks like that kind of integration may now be peaking its head around the corner.

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