Independent Biblioblog Ranking Compilation (December 2009)

With the Biblioblog Top 50 moving to a semi-annual cycle, Joseph Kelly over at כל־האדם has independently compiled a chart of December’s individual Alexa rankings to finish out 2009. Jim West (a.k.a. Zwinglius Redivivus) continues to fill the top slot, and the big movers among the top 50 this month include John Hobbins (Ancient Hebrew Poetry, up 15 spaces to number 16); Jason (εις δοξαν, up 18 spaces to number 40); Michael Barber, Brant Pitre, and John Bergsma (The Sacred Page, up 25 spaces to number 48); and Joel Hoffman (God Didn’t Say That: Bible Translations and Mistranslations, up 33 spaces to number 49). New Testament Interpretation stands this month at number 213.

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2 responses to “Independent Biblioblog Ranking Compilation (December 2009)”

  1. Joseph Kelly Avatar

    David, it is a shame that more people do not presently read your blog. Your material is always excellent. It was great catching up with you again at SBL.

  2. David Stark Avatar


    It was very good catching up with you too. Thanks so much for your kind words, though I do take it that the responsibility for NTI’s lower placement this month resides entirely with myself. “If you blog it, they will read”—I just need to get back to doing the former more regularly ;-).

    For some reason, I hadn’t realized (or hadn’t remembered if you had mentioned it) until today that you were blogging at כל־האדם, but I’ve got you in my Google Reader now :-).


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