Donnerstag Digest (February 24, 2011)

This week in the biblioblogosphere:

  • Dirk Jongkind discusses the colophons of the miniscule manuscripts 223 and 1305.
  • The Center for the Study of Christian Origins now has recordings of the recent James Dunn and N. T. Wright lecture day at the University of Edinburgh (HT: Larry Hurtado).
  • Brian LePort highlights a snippet from Eugene Peterson on the storied nature of human experience and Christian ministry, begins pondering Brevard Childs’ thoughts about New Testament canon, and collects Richard Hays’ recent lecture series “Reading Scripture Alongside the Gospel Writers.”
  • Cynthia Nielsen discusses “Fanon and Foucault on Humanism and Rejecting the ‘Blackmail’ of the Enlightenment” (pt. 1; pt. 2).
  • James McGrath collects several YouTube clips about the Mandaeans and highlights a video series about oral tradition.
  • Seth Rodriquez discusses ancient slinging techniques.
  • John Cook and Robert Holmstedt advocate the relevance of diachronic linguistics for dating biblical texts, and Ian Young responds to the contrary (HT: Charles Halton).

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