Donnerstag Digest (April 21, 2011)

Reading time: < 1 minutes

This week in the cyberspace:

  • Robert Woods discusses “Christian humanism.”
  • Jeremy Thompson passes his oral dissertation examination. Congratulations!
  • Mark Stevens points out that a new book on Jesus and a new translation of the New Testament are forthcoming from N. T. Wright.
  • Jim Davila reminds us about the upcoming Metz conference on Paul and Qumran.
  • Joel Watts and Matthew note Amazon’s announcement of a library lending service for Kindle.
  • David Perry provides a major update to the Cardo font (1.04).
  • The Connecticut House of Representatives approves a certificate program in Talmudic Studies (HT: Jim Davila).
  • Ron Kubsch notes Amazon’s creation of a German Kindle store.

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