Daily Gleanings: Productivity (24 September 2019)

Reading time: < 1 minutes

Courtney Baker and Blake Stratton discuss five aspects to a sound productivity mindset. One is that

Productivity requires greater focus, not more time.

The full episode (#2) contains some good discussion of this and the other points explored.

The discussion includes some jargon and specific references to the Full Focus Planner line. But the principles involved can certainly be applied independently of this planning tool. For example, I’ve incorporated some of them but haven’t tried this particular planner product.

Also of potential interest in the episode is an interview with someone involved in full-time church work.

This portion of the discussion regularly references the Full Focus Planner. But however you manage yourself day-to-day, there may be some useful insights here if you’re in a church post in addition to your academic activities.

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