Daily Gleanings: Pressure (23 September 2019)

David Perez discusses some strategies for coping with pressure-filled situations in ways that still allow you to be productive. The discussion emphasizes the importance of being part of a healthy, supportive community.

Doing (post-)graduate work or beginning your journey as a new faculty member could certainly often fall under the rubric of “pressure-filled situations.” So if you haven’t naturally fallen into a healthy community that actively supports what you’re working at, it’s worth putting some thought into how you might create or join one.

You might connect with a peer or two to share your writing with each other, join in with a group reading primary literature, or any number of other kinds of things. With some deliberate thought about how much time to devote to the group so that it doesn’t become an added drain itself, it’ll likely be something that you and the others you’re working with will find mutually beneficial.

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