Daily Gleanings: Pistis (6 September 2019)

Just out from Baylor University Press is David Downs and Benjamin Lappenga’s Faithfulness of the Risen Christ. According to the publisher, the volume contributes to the ongoing discussion of the pistis Christou and related phrases by

focus[sing] upon the resurrection and exaltation of Jesus …. They claim that when Paul writes of Christ’s pistis, he refers to the faithfulness of the risen and exalted Christ. Downs and Lappenga carefully survey Paul’s use of pistis in Philippians, the Corinthian letters, Galatians, Romans, and Ephesians, revealing how pistis epitomizes the risen Christ’s continuing faithfulness toward all those who participate in him by pistis. Downs and Lappenga effectively reframe any future consideration of the pistis Christou construction for both New Testament scholars and theologians by showing that the story of Jesus in the letters of Paul extends to the faithfulness of the exalted Christ Jesus, who will remain faithful to those justified through union with Christ.

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2 responses to “Daily Gleanings: Pistis (6 September 2019)”

  1. Gregory Anderson Avatar
    Gregory Anderson

    Well, I’ve read this multiple times and considered before finally coming to the place where I’m convinced there is some version of shorthand for insiders going on with the comment provided. The claim is that future consideration of “the debate” has changed, but apparently what the authors propose does nothing to settle the debate apparently. From what is provided here they claim solidly the fact of Paul’s use of pistis Christou is Jesus’ faithfulness to those who are justified. That doesn’t change the arguments nor solve the debate one iota as far as I can tell. So I guess since I am too ignorant to see the usefulness of the book, let alone the publisher’s comments bragging on it, this resource of “daily gleanings” must not be intended for me to read and understand. I’m also not understanding why you sent this link to me. Was it something you had to do in order to qualify for a discount with the publisher or something?

    1. J. David Stark Avatar

      Thanks for your thoughts, Gregory. I understand you found this post comparatively less helpful. I’m sorry about that. I don’t have an affiliate relationship with BUP or get anything from them in connection with this post. This volume simply had a different take on the “pistis Christou” construction than I’d seen before and thought it might be of interest to you all. Sorry that wasn’t true in your case. I hope some of the other daily gleanings posts are more useful for you. All the best.

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