Daily Gleanings: Insights from Freedom (24 June 2019)

Freedom releases Insight for Chrome. According to Freedom, Insight

is a simple plugin that shows you where you are spending your time in Chrome.

Insight tracks the time you spend on websites in Chrome, and provides a simple display so you can see where you’re spending your time. You can drill down into individual sites and see your daily time on each site.…

We’ve built Insight to be privacy-conscious. All of the tracking data is stored locally and not sent anywhere (the cloud, our servers, etc.). You can also disable tracking and hide sites, if you want to.

For more information or to try Insight, visit the Chrome Web Store.

The Freedom blog has a helpful essay on managing time (i.e., managing yourself in time) to cut through the clutter of distractions. The piece comments, in part,

Most people understand the importance of managing their time, but they’re thinking about it in the wrong way. They mistake efficiency or “busyness” for a sustainable time management strategy.

Getting things done is a crucial piece of time management — but it’s just one of many. In today’s age of infinite choices and distractions, deciding what not to do is just as important.

A solid time management strategy, then, is all about stacking the deck to make the right choices as often as possible.

Effective time management starts with a clear vision of your core goals and values. Racing through a dozen minor tasks might be less valuable than a single difficult one that’s more aligned with your vision. The question shifts from “How can I get the most done possible?” to “How can I have the most impact on what matters most?”

The essay also identifies four common productivity killers: decision fatigue, overwhelm, procrastination, and lack of efficiency. Others have made similar lists in the past. But a particularly helpful contribution Freedom makes with this piece is to structure time management strategies under each of these headings. So if you know a particular problem you have, it’s quite easy to read through the section on that problem for some ideas about how to start overcoming it.

For this outline and additional reflections from Freedom, see the original post.

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