Daily Gleanings: Craig Keener Lectures (28 May 2019)

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Craig Keener gave two of the plenary lectures at this year’s Stone-Campbell Journal Conference.

The first lecture addressed Acts and especially the rhetoric involved in Paul’s speeches as reported there. The introduction and lecture begin around the 10:40 mark.

The second lecture addressed Romans. The introduction and lecture begin around the 12:00 mark.

Special kudos are due to Craig not only for his fine scholarship but also for his several custom and quite humorous illustrations that appear in the course of the lectures.

For the other two very fine plenary lectures from this year’s conference, see “Daily Gleanings: SCJ Plenaries (15 April 2019).”


    1. Absolutely! I was sorry to have to miss the Romans lecture live but definitely enjoyed catching up on that via the recording. There’s a lot of interest to be said on that topic. You definitely brought out some points that I hadn’t considered before. Thanks, again!

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