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  • Audience and Predestination in the Letter to the Romans

    Audience and Predestination in the Letter to the Romans

    A perennial question in the interpretation of Paul’s letter to the Romans is what testimony the letter bears on the issue of predestination.1 Especially in the last few decades, the identity of the letter’s implied audience has also become more of a live question. Discussing These Difficulties I recently had the opportunity to sit down…

  • Daily Gleanings: Romans (27 December 2019)

    Chris Tilling has a very fine two-part lecture on Karl Barth’s commentary on Romans.

  • Daily Gleanings: Romans (14 November 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about Word & World’s issue on Romans and especially Arland Hultgren’s essay on “Paul, Romans, and the Christians at Rome.”

  • Daily Gleanings: Romans (11 October 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about Sarah Casson’s “Textual Signposts in the Argument of Romans: A Relevance-Theory Approach.”

  • Daily Gleanings: New Publications (24 July 2019)

    In the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 62.2 (353–69), Greg Goswell contemplates “Reading Romans after the Book of Acts.” According to the abstract, The Acts-Romans sequence, such as found in the Latin manuscript tradition and familiar to readers of the English Bible, is hermeneutically significant and fruitful. Early readers had good reason to place…

  • Daily Gleanings: Paul in RBL (2 July 2019)

    In the Review of Biblical Literature, Nicholas Elder reviews Channing Crisler’s Reading Romans as Lament: Paul’s Use of Old Testament Lament in His Most Famous Letter (Pickwick, 2016). According to Elder, The monograph’s central argument is that Paul is thoroughly indebted to the language and logic of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible lament in his letter to…