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Various people have expressed, at different points, the wish that David Black’s blog had its own feed, but Google Reader users can now have this feed—somewhat. Last week, the Official Google Reader Blog announced an update to Google Reader that allows individual users, much as they would add any normal feed within Reader itself, to have Google Reader watch for changes on any webpage.

I tried this yesterday with and was pleasantly surprised. The Google feed does update less frequently than a normal feed, but since I added to my Google Reader (between the 12:53 pm, Monday, February 1 and 6:06 pm, Tuesday, February 2 posts), the Google feed has updated three times (8:28 pm and 11:29 pm yesterday and 8:25 am today). These three notifications come up a good deal short of the total number of posts for the same period, but having such notices appear in Google Reader should provide a good reminder to check what other new posts may also be available.

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