Biblioblog Top 50 (September, 2010)

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September’s Biblioblog Top 50 is available. Despite Joel Watt’s slippage to third in the overall rankings, his blog continues to hold the lead among the top ten student biblioblogs:

Student Overall Author(s) Blog Alexa Score
1 3 Joel L. Watts The Church of Jesus Christ 128485
2 5 Scott Bailey Scotteriology 173966
3 11 Jeremy Thompson Free Old Testament Audio Website Blog 271870
4 16 Stephen Smuts Biblical Paths 319523
5 17 Mark Stevens Scripture, Ministry, and the People of God 333878
6 19 Justin Allison Old Testament and Ecology 404624
7 20 Jonathan Robinson Xenos 426276
8 23 Brian LePort, JohnDave Medina, and Robert Jimenez Near Emmaus: Christ and Text 536573
9 24 Phillip Long Reading Acts 542187
10 29 Gavin Rumney Otagosh 620744

Special congratulations also to Justin and Phillip for their debuts on this month’s list, and as always, updates and corrections are welcome, particularly for those who may have recently matriculated or graduated.

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