Biblioblog Top 50 (August, 2010)

Jeremy Thompson has August’s Biblioblog Top 50 available. Jim West remains in the top seat this month, despite Jeremy’s temporary coup d’état that had crowned Joel Watts. Still, Joel’s matriculation to United Theological Seminary earns him the top slot on August’s list of the top ten student biblioblogs. The full top-ten list is as follows:

StudentOverallAuthor(s)BlogAlexa Score
12Joel L. WattsThe Church of Jesus Christ108937
27Stephen SmutsBiblical Paths210494
311Mark StevensScripture, Ministry, and the People of God299339
415Scott BaileyScotteriology332160
518Brian LePort, JohnDave Medina, and Robert JimenezNear Emmaus: Christ and Text373283
619Jeremy ThompsonFree Old Testament Audio Website Blog436755
722Gavin RumneyOtagosh462138
823Bob Hayton, Jason Skipper, Damien Garofalo, Will Dudding, Erik DiVietro, and Phil DearmoreKJV Only Debate465858
933Jonathan RobinsonXenos677345
1038Rick MansfieldThis Lamp768595

As with last month’s student rankings, updates and corrections are welcome, particularly for those who may have recently matriculated or graduated.

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3 responses to “Biblioblog Top 50 (August, 2010)”

  1. Joel Avatar

    Excellent… my plan is working.

    1. David Stark Avatar

      Exactly . . . we all knew that was the reason you decided to matriculate again. 🙂

  2. Mark Stevens Avatar

    Dam you Joel Watts! 😉

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