Another Note on Upgrading to and Installing Logos 4 on Ubuntu


Following up on yesterday’s comment about upgrading to and installing Logos 4 on Ubuntu via a Windows XP machine in VirtualBox, Logos 4 offers a nice import procedure that allows Logos 3 users to transfer all their personal user data files (e.g., notes, markups, queries) into Logos 4 relatively painlessly. There do, however, seem to be a couple hitches when trying to import Logos 3 user data in virtualized setup like the one described here. For the import to work properly,

  1. The “My Documents” folder must be mapped to a local drive on the virtual machine rather than a shared folder from the Ubuntu host system.
  2. The Logos 3 user data folder must be in its default location (for Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings[Username]My DocumentsLibronix DLS).

The Logos 4 import does not seem to find the Logos 3 user data folder if it resides elsewhere besides its default directory, and at least from inside VirtualBox, if “My Documents” is mapped to a shared folder from the host system, during the import process from that folder, Logos 4 will raise an error message and shut down. Once these couple prerequisites are satisfied, however, the import seems to go very smoothly.



  1. I am wondering how well this works for you, I too am using Windows XP sp3 under Linux through virtualbox, and am unable to get Logos 4 to work. After installing I get a black screen when I run Logos. I recently heard again from a brother that Logos 4 is a significant upgrade from Logos 3, and I would like to try it.
    Thank You in Advance

    1. Actually, for me, it works quite well. I don’t think I’ve tried running Logos 4 with anything less than 2.5 GB of RAM allocated to the virtual machine and generally have 3 GB allocated for it (as Logos recommends). The system has 6 GB total, so there’s an adequate amount left over for other things even when the virtual machine is running, but it can get a bit harry every now and then if an application misbehaves. Other than that, though, installing and operating Logos 4 in the virtual machine has always gone very smoothly for me.

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