Another Hat Tip to Paul Silvia

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Paul Silvia
Paul Silvia

Over at To Do: Dissertation, one of the authors provides a list of aids that dissertation writers may find helpful. Second on this list is Paul Silvia’s book How to Write a Lot, which has proven particularly helpful to me as well. The book really is worth its purchase price for the number of practical thoughts that it includes that may help the writing process go more smoothly.

For those who may be interested, a summary is also available here, and a revised version of the progress tracking sheet that Silvia suggests is available here.


  1. Okay, so because you kept insisting on the usefulness of this book, I checked it out of our local library. I just finished reading the first four chapters, and now I feel motivated to to take his advice to heart. So thanks for insisting!

    1. That’s great. I’m very glad you’ve found the book so helpful thus far!

      By this point, are you guys pretty well settled in to start up at Southern this fall?

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