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  • How to Be Present Online

    How to Be Present Online

    If “online” means “moving away,” it supports checking out. But where it means “moving toward,” it can be a powerful way of being present.

  • Online Spiritual Formation in Christian Higher Education

    Online Spiritual Formation in Christian Higher Education

    What is the nature of spiritual formation? How is it possible to work toward formation in online education? Or, is it? Questions about Online Education In recent years, questions like these have often been raised and discussed. Christian institutions of higher education have grappled with market forces. They’ve wrestled with an increasing presence of online…

  • Presence at a Distance at theLAB

    The Logos Academic Blog has reposted there my essay from January’s issue of Didaktikos on presence in online education. Received wisdom says that presence is harder to achieve online. Physically, this is hardly disputable … but there also seems to be quite a bit more to the question than is often brought out. For the full essay,…

  • Presence in Online Education

    Didaktikos has kindly published a short essay of mine about presence in online higher education. I’m grateful to the folks at Faithlife for their permission to distribute the essay here, the essence of which is that presence is completely possible online—it’s just different than it is on campus. If you’d like to read this short…

  • Didaktikos 1

    Faithlife has launched a new journal specifically for faculty, Didaktikos, which focuses on issues related to theological education. The primary editor is Douglas Estes, and the editorial board includes Karen Jobes, Randolph Richards, Beth Stovell, and Douglas Sweeney. The inaugural issue includes authors and topics of broad interest: • Mark Noll talks about teaching with expertise…

  • ATS webinars for new faculty

    The Association of Theological Schools has several helpful webinars archived for new faculty. Topics include: Self-promotion and humility Online teaching Introduction to publishing Publishing your dissertation Promotion and tenure Establishing a research agenda For more information on each of the webinars or to view the recordings, please see the ATS website.