Tag: Mark Ward

  • Daily Gleanings (24 April 2019)

    Now available for preorder is Dirk Jongkind’s forthcoming Introduction to the Greek New Testament (Crossway). HT: Peter Gurry Mark Ward discusses KJVParallelBible.org, a new resource aimed at introducing English- (and especially KJV-)only readers to New Testament textual criticism.

  • Organizing Logos

    On the Logos Talk blog, Mark Ward has a helpful post about techniques for having a “spring cleaning” in your Logos Bible Software library. The “collections” tool is especially helpful for associating different resources that logically go together for a given purpose (e.g., multiple sets of Patristic texts, multiple grammars). The “hide resources” feature can also…

  • (Re)amplifying the Amplified Bible

    At LogosTalk, Mark Ward has a helpful discussion of “how to use—and not to use—the Amplified Bible” for English-only Bible readers.  Mark comments, in part: The Amplified, when used according to its stated design, invites readers to deny this interpretive truism. It makes them think, “Ah, now I know what the Greek word here really…