Logos Bible Software and the Perseus Project

As noted earlier, Logos Bible Software is working on releasing over 3000 texts from the Perseus Project for free to Logos 4 users. Included here is Perseus’s substantive collection of Greek and Latin classics and their translations. This collection also offers access to Perseus’s dictionaries and lexica and integrated searching with the rest of a user’s Logos […]

Another Note on Upgrading to and Installing Logos 4 on Ubuntu

<nerdlet> Following up on yesterday’s comment about upgrading to and installing Logos 4 on Ubuntu via a Windows XP machine in VirtualBox, Logos 4 offers a nice import procedure that allows Logos 3 users to transfer all their personal user data files (e.g., notes, markups, queries) into Logos 4 relatively painlessly. There do, however, seem to be […]

Upgrading to and Installing Logos 4 on Ubuntu

<nerdlet> Since May 2007, there has been a pretty healthy discussion among Ubuntu Linux users about installing and operating Logos Bible Software under that operating system. About a month ago now, I finally switched from Windows XP (SP3) to Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty), and since then, I’d been running Logos 3 (Libronix) inside a virtualized Windows XP […]