Tag: Liberal Arts

  • Chalcedon via Erasmus

    Thanks to Dan Wallace for noting the following clip: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dyZyYqESKk]

  • Edit Spreadsheets on Google Drive for Mobile

    The Google Drive mobile apps for Android and iOS now allows users to create and view spreadsheets: Previous versions had allowed creating and editing of documents but only viewing of spreadsheets created elsewhere. For more information and links to download the appropriate apps, see here.

  • Attaching Drive Items in Gmail

    For Gmail and at least certain Google Apps Mail users who have opted into the “new compose” experience, Google is now rolling out the ability to attach Google Drive items to email messages: Because these items are stored in and shared via Drive, email attachment size limitations don’t apply, and any updates to the attached…

  • Aristotle's Organon on LibriVox

    Using Owen’s translation, LibriVox recordings have also been made available for Categories, Interpretation, Prior Analytics, and Posterior Analytics.

  • I hadn’t noticed until today, but among the volumes available at Loebolus is Aristotle’s Rhetoric (vol. 193; ed. J. H. Freese, 1926).

  • In-Browser Office Suites

    Similar to rollApp, which debuted earlier this year, InstallFree is offering a no-cost web-based version of LibreOffice that can be run inside a browser and that integrate with various online storage platforms like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. For free, users can also use InstallFree’s Microsoft Office application to view Microsoft Office file formats with…