Tag: Joseph Kelly

  • Bulletin for Biblical Research 23, no. 2

    The latest issue of the Bulletin for Biblical Research arrived in yesterday’s mail and includes: Joseph Kelly, “The Ethics of Inclusion: The גר and the אזרח in the Passover to Yhwh” Rahel Schafer, “Rest for the Animals?: Nonhuman Sabbath Repose in Pentateuchal Law” Amy Peeler, “Desiring God: The Blood of the Covenant in Exodus 24” Ray…

  • On the Web (April 11, 2013)

    On the web: Zotero 4.0.4 is now available with some minor improvements over the previous stable version. Joseph Kelly highlights some good advice about how not to write a thesis or dissertation. Logos Bible Software has added the Aramaic Bible series to their pre-publication  program.

  • On the Web (June 25, 2012)

    On the web: Joseph Kelly discusses biblical theology and history of religion research. Cary Nelson considers ownership issues for faculty-developed intellectual property. Rod Decker comments on ζῶ. Allison Friederichs discusses grade inflation.