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  • How to Use Zotero to Properly Cite Grammars in SBL Style

    How to Use Zotero to Properly Cite Grammars in SBL Style

    You might think that citing a grammar according to the SBL Handbook of Style would be pretty straightforward (affiliate disclosure).1 And you’d be right, but there are several special cases to account for. 1. Cite section numbers wherever possible. Instead of citing a grammar by page number, you should cite by section number wherever possible…

  • Daily Gleanings: Lingusitics (5 November 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about the (non-)use of linguistics in biblical studies, particularly in Hebrew lexicography.

  • Daily Gleanings: Assyrian (3 October 2019)

    Daily Gleanings about how to get the 21-volume “Assyrian Dictionary” via open access from the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute.

  • Daily Gleanings: BDB (17 September 2019)

    Daily Gleaings about how to access BDB openly online.

  • Creating series in Logos

    Under the heading of “keeping your Greek and Hebrew skills sharp,” Mark Ward has some helpful advice about creating a serial biblical text in Logos Bible Software. For instance, if you create a series between BHS and NA28 and you have BHS open, you can type a New Testament passage in the go box and…

  • In the Mail: Tigay, Deuteronomy

    The volume has been available for quite some time, but in yesterday’s mail arrived Jeffrey Tigay’s Deutronomy (The JPS Torah Commentary, 1996). According to the publisher, The JPS Torah Commentary series guides readers through the words and ideas of the Torah. Each volume is the work of a scholar who stands at the pinnacle of his…