Daily Gleanings: Habits (19 December 2019)

Reading time: < 1 minutes

Chris Bailey and James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, discuss habit formation.

One of the points Clear stresses is the simplicity of habits. For instance, “writing” as such is too complex an activity to fit Clear’s definition for habit.

Clear instead focuses on habits as they can be performed with mostly unconscious operation. So, to develop a regular writing practice, you might particularly work on habituating something simple that will trigger the start of a writing session (e.g., getting a cup of coffee, leaving open the document you need to work on the day before).

For the full discussion, visit the Life of Productivity podcast.

Daily Gleanings: Atomic Minimalism (6 December 2019)

Reading time: < 1 minutes

James Clear and Cal Newport discuss the symbiotic relationship their prior work has in terms of fostering focus.

In particular, Clear and Newport situate Clear’s program for habit formation as an excellent way of making operative the program Newport has articulated for the need to foster focused work.

It’s a rare thing when authors of two productivity-related lines of thought sit down for such a mutual exchange, and the full recording is well worth the listen.

Daily Gleanings: Persisting (30 August 2019)

Reading time: < 1 minutesEvernote discusses habit formation, largely by way of abstracting Charles Duhigg’s Power of Habit. Biblical scholarship sometimes isn’t thought of as being the most habit-dependent field, but the formation of good knowledge work habits do play a key role (e.g., of regular writing).

Todoist releases a “complete guide to timeblocking.” The post has some helpful examples, illustrations, and other discussion around timeblocking.

For further discussion of timeblocking, see this series of posts.