Tag: Deep Work

  • Why You Need to Block Your Time

    Why You Need to Block Your Time

    A blank calendar invites others to prioritize your time. But time blocking helps you see your commitments and communicate real availability.

  • Daily Gleanings: Atomic Minimalism (6 December 2019)

    James Clear and Cal Newport discuss the symbiotic relationship their prior work has in terms of fostering focus.

  • Daily Gleanings: Starting (29 August 2019)

    Daily Gleanings to help get you started with difficult focused work.

  • Daily Gleanings: Thoughts from Freedom (31 July 2019)

    Freedom discusses procrastination. The essay comments helpfully on different types and causes of procrastination, as well as some strategies for overcoming it. Freedom interviews Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Director of Digital Humanities and a Professor of English at Michigan State University. Commenting on how she nurtures focus for deep work, Fitzpatrick says, I spend that first bit of…

  • Daily Gleanings (7 May 2019)

    Doist provides a “complete guide to deep work.” The essay is mainly geared toward summarizing the advice of Cal Newport’s Deep Work with some additional insertions from Digital Minimalism. Both books are definitely worth reading. But Doist’s essay is a thorough crash course on the basics. Douglas Estes offers some helpful reflections on perfectionism, especially…

  • TopTracker

    TopTracker provides a straight-forward, free time tracking utility that works on both Windows and OS X. The utility allows commenting on each session tracked (e.g., words written during that session). It also allows export via CSV, from where numbers can be crunched further in Excel to see how well progress is going. By default, TopTracker will…